What is District of Future?

The project has developed a strategy for tackling the energy efficiency problem, not only at a single building level, but gathering and optimizing consumption and generation pattern of multiple customers at district level.

What we will offer to our customers (public authorities) includes:

      Diagnosis of the district that wants to increase its energy efficiency rate and to decrease pollution.
      Methodology and Good Practices for achieving a reduction of the energy consumption

If you want to know more about us, please visit: districtoffuture.eu

Advantages & Benefits

Test solution before implementing (simulation)

Predictive information

District level solution

Compares different solutions


Open Source Software (FIWARE)

Reduce greenhouse gas emisisons

Save energy expenses

Use cases


Corby use case counts with a primary school, a secondary school, public offices and ZEB houses to proof the development of the project.


This use case is based on different facilities such as a municipal building, a waste collection central and NZEB social housing to test the solution developed in the project.


La Ville d’Orléans provided the project with a nursery, a public library and social housing to demonstrate the project.

ICT Tools

News & Events

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